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Bhai Kanhaiya                      gur kI syvw gur Bgiq hY ivrlw pwey koie]1]
Charitable Trust Inc.                 Service of the Guru is worship of the Guru. Rare ones obtain it! ||1||
Feeding the Hungry, Educating Women and Children, and providing Healthcare to the Underprivileged

Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Trust

Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Trust was established in 1994 at Tikana Bhai Jagta Ji at Goniana Mandi in Bathinda Dist. in Punjab. In 2011, after receiving requests from donors in North America, Mahant Baba Kahan Singh Ji decided to incorporate a sister trust in the United States pf America, which was to raise awareness of issues in Punjab and further, raise funds to provide relief to the poor and the suffering. So a non profit charitable organization with the name Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Trust, Inc., was incorporated in the state of Connecticut, in the United States and the Internal Revenue service awarded a 501(c) (3) federally tax exempt non-profit status to the organization in America, which allows all contributors and donors to deduct 100 percent of their donation amount from their federal income taxes. This U. S. entity is directly controlled by Mahant Sahib, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Trust Inc. is planning on expanding the hospital and adding examining rooms, an Out-patient ward, more dental chairs, diagnostic and operating facilities and ambulance services.

Our Mission is to love every human being as being the image of Almighty God and to treat everyone, no matter what their caste, creed, race, ethnicity or nationality, with equity and respect, and to serve all humanity, without discrimination of any kind. To feed the hungry, educate the poor, to treat the sick and ailing and to bring the message of Almighty God to one and all.

The Trust is operated under the benign guidance of Mahant Bhai Kahan Singh Ji ‘Sevapanthi’, as per principles defined by Bhai Kanhaiya Ji.

We serve the poor via langar seva, three meals a day, and 365 days a year. We assist Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Hospital in organizing medical camps, providing free medical and dental care and cornea replacement for the elderly. The trust also supports a free monthly magazine named ‘Sewa Jyoti’ to help convey the message of Guru Granth Sahib to 14000 homes in India, the USA, the UK and Canada.

We are now focused on the Cancer Pandemic, ravaging farming families in Punjab who have to travel 734 kms roundtrip on the Cancer Train to the regional cancer hospital in Bikaner, Rajasthan to receive affordable health care. We ask everyone, to remember the ‘Vund Chhakna/Share Your Earnings’ tenet, and to rally around this cause, to help alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters. We are determined to build Guru Harkrishan Cancer Hospital in Bathinda, which is the worst affected district. A plot of land of 7.25 Acres has been acquired for this purpose on the main Bathinda Jaito Road.

Bhai Kanhaiya
Charitable Trust Inc.

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