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Bhai Kanhaiya                      gur kI syvw gur Bgiq hY ivrlw pwey koie]1]
Charitable Trust Inc.                 Service of the Guru is worship of the Guru. Rare ones obtain it! ||1||
Feeding the Hungry, Educating Women and Children, and providing Healthcare to the Underprivileged

Medical Camps at Tikana Sahib

Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Hospital has been organizing free health camps for several years. The main focus for the first few years, along with running a dispensary for the poor was Free Dental Care and Eye Care, including but not limited to Free Cornea Replacement Surgery.


Dr. Gurinder Mohan Singh and his team of dentists.

A team of Dentists and their assistants arrives every Wednesday from Faridkot to treat between 100-200 patients. Every Sunday, Ophthalmologists arrive at the Tikana Sahib, to provide free Eye Check Ups and to screen patients who are medically suitable for a Cornea Replacement Surgery.


Visiting Ophthalmologist checking patients at the free eye camp.

But for the last 2-3 years new programs have been started which include, the following services:

1. Cancer Screening Camps
2. Homeopathic Remedy Camps
3. Weight Reduction Camps
4. Ayurvedic Remedy Camps
5. Heart health Camps
6. Free Allopathic Medicine Camps

On the occasion of the Yag Samagams, a large number of organizations converge at the Tikana Sahib in Goniana Mandi to provide a huge variety of free services to tens of thousands of visitors for 2 days.

Bhai Kanhaiya
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