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Bhai Kanhaiya                      gur kI syvw gur Bgiq hY ivrlw pwey koie]1]
Charitable Trust Inc.                 Service of the Guru is worship of the Guru. Rare ones obtain it! ||1||
Feeding the Hungry, Educating Women and Children, and providing Healthcare to the Underprivileged

Tikana Bhai Jagta Ji Sahib

Tikana Bhai Jagta Ji Sahib is the chief spiritual centre of the Sevapanthi Samprada, and also the home of Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Trust (Regd.), Goniana Mandi. It is well-known as a lighthouse of selfless service, Gurbani parchar, spiritual learning and other worldly education. The Tikana inherits its high and noble traditions from the original Tikana Noorpur Thal, District Shahpur, which is now in Pakistan.

After the partition of India in 1947, the Tikana at Noorpur was re-established at Goniana by Mahant Gulab Singh Ji, the then chief Preceptor of the Tikana, and he renamed it as Tikana Bhai Jagta Ji Sahib, wherefrom the mission of this Tikana Sahib resumed.

Bhai Jagta Ji, the Fifth spiritual descendant of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji, was a contemporary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and was highly respected by Baba Sahib Ji Bedi, a direct descendant of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who was the chief architect of the Khalsa Raj, who also crowned Maharaja Ranjit Singh with his own hands. Baba Jagta Ji met the Maharaja three times and inspired him to learn Gurbani.

Mahant Gulab Singh Ji, the tenth spiritual descendant of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji, after establishing the Tikana Sahib at Goniana, departed for his heavenly abode in 1950, leaving the Tikana Sahib in the hands of Mahant Bhai Asa Singh Ji, who with his able leadership, re-inspired all displaced sangats to congregate at Tikana Bhai Jagta Ji. During his 23 year tenure, Mahant Asa Singh appointed Mahant Tirath Singh as his successor in 1973, under whose stewardship, the Tikana Sahib expanded in a huge way, and many new devotees joined the congregation. He built a magnificent Deori, a Nishan Sahib, spacious Darbar Halls and Langar Halls. One of the Langar Halls serves the sangats 18 hours a day, 365 days a year. New air-conditioned rooms for visitors, devotees and travelers were built during his tenure, along with a beautiful museum. The two-storey Guru Nanak Bhawan provides the upper storey for special divans and the lower one for langar purposes during large Yag Samagams.

Within the Tikana premises, there is a Pre-K to 10th class Bhai Jagta Ji Senior Secondary School as well as fully air-conditioned Guru Angad Dev World School with modern overhead projectors, smart boards and computers for classrooms, where top class education is provided for children from Pre School level to the 6th Grade.

The Tikana Sahib is equipped with its own generator and water works, providing great comfort to devotees and residents.

Other facilities within the Tikana Sahib compound include the Sewa Joti monthly magazine office, a matrimonial service office, a Turban Training Center and Bhai Kanhaiya Charitable Hospital, which provides health care to local residents 7 days a week. In addition, free eye care camps are held every Sunday, which qualify patients for a free lens replacement, and free dental care camps are held every Wednesday, where free dental care is provided.

Tikana Sahib hosts many Gurbani Competitions and a short distance away is the Sevapanthi Gurmat Vidyalaya, which teaches young children Gurbani and Gurbani Kirtan.

Future plans of the Tikana Sahib include furthering enhancing residential facilities and completing re-designing the Bhai Seva Ram Vichitar Shala, the museum.

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